Hex Nuts
Flange Nuts
Lock Nuts
Weld Nuts
Nut/Washer Assemblies (Keps)


Hex Cap Screws
Grades 2, 5, 8
B7 Studs

A325, A490, TC
Carriage Bolts
Grade 5
DH/2H/2HM Nuts
Hex Flange


Zinc Clear
Yellow Hexavalent
Yellow Trivalent
Hot Dip Galv.
Olive Drab


Hex Cap Screws
Nuts, Washers
Socket Screws
Threaded Rod
A325, A490
F1852 TC
Stainless Steel

Ifastgroupe, a Heico Company, is excellence in every aspect of creating, producing, manufacturing and distributing precision fastener parts, from Grade 2, 5 and 8 hex cap screws to special cold formed prevailing torque nuts meeting single digit PPM, bolts and steel washers to flat washers, torque nuts and threaded fasteners, from engineered nuts and stamped assemblies, to made to print fasteners, ROHS zinc electroplating all delivered through a comprehensive North American based distribution network.

Ifastgroupe is the largest North American manufacturer and distributor of fasteners and fastener products. With Infasco, Infasco Nut, Galvano and Ifastgroupe Distribution as divisional companies plus affiliate Ivaco Rolling Mills, Ifastgroupe is the clear leader in value stream integration, delivering Billet To Box™ products to our customers around the world.

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